Honeycomb is a specialist and dedicated forensic accounting,
investigations, and litigation support firm.


Applying a mix of intellectual and technical resources, Honeycomb undertakes a wide-range of corporate and financial investigations covering most areas of financial and accounting concerns. We specialise in providing the necessary analysis and reporting to allow effective decision making.

Litigation Support

The delivery of Honeycomb’s core offerings in forensic accounting and investigations is enhanced by its range of ancillary litigation support services including digital forensics, e-disclosure platforms, data analytics, asset tracing and intelligence gathering. 


Honeycomb has considerable experience preparing advisory and expert business valuations in contentious circumstances. Our hallmark is a balance between detailed analysis, technical considerations and broad commerciality to ensure that the end result is both technically robust and commercially sensible.


At Honeycomb, we are committed to being best-of-class and innovative. Continuing research, education and training are fundamental to providing expert services and effective communication. Please engage in our programme of technical bulletins, seminars and training opportunities.