Geographical Coverage

Geographical Coverage

Honeycomb is based in London, UK, occupying its own building in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral in “the City”. However, the firm takes on cases around the world, and has particular experience with cases involving Europe, CIS countries, the Middle East, Africa, South America and specialist dispute resolution centres like Singapore and Hong Kong.


In most cases, particularly in this post-COVID world, papers are sent to us electronically to be dealt with and analysed in London. This has long been the norm. Where, for any number of reasons, documents need to be viewed and analysed in situ, either Honeycomb staff can travel from London or, more likely, local partners or agents will be deployed to deal with local requirements. This has proved to be a particularly effective way to meet client demands in the post-COVID world, and we have already engaged in this way this year in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Israel and Hong Kong.


The need for international face to face meetings has long been reducing, as there are a number of secure and reliable web based voice and video calling systems which obviate the need for expensive and time consuming travel. Where meetings are required, for example where individuals are not at liberty to attend international calls, these will be provided by Honeycomb staff from London where this can be accommodated under current COVID rules, or by local resources.


It is also important to point out that our servers and other platforms on which client documents are stored are predominantly located in the UK. In addition, we do use and have access to cloud servers located in different jurisdictions when such is called for in the context of a particular case.

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