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Digital forensics

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Honeycomb is a specialist, but full-service forensic accounting firm dedicated to helping those involved in disputes deal with the financial, accounting and economic aspects of their case.

We see a dispute as an environment speaking to a number of separate financial and monetary risks. As a specialist forensic accounting firm, we seek to provide a range of connected services which address the more significant of these risks. We do this by applying intellectual, professional and technical resources through which we analyse, model and report on the relevant aspects of a case.

The key risk we address in any matter is clarifying what the financial and accounting issues are. This may be a matter of analysing financial and transactional information so that a party understands the circumstances of their case or the case against them. Such cases often involve issues of compliance, systems and financial reporting. Alternatively, we may need to assess the quantum of their claim, or that of any claim against them, which may include the valuation of assets and businesses.

Although every case is unique and each is approached with a distinct and well considered strategy, it is possible to set out the categories of forensic accounting cases with which we can help as follows:

Civil disputes, including commercial litigation and arbitrations, and both expert and consultancy cases

• Valuations, both contentious and otherwise

• Regulatory and corporate investigations

• Criminal cases

Throughout the forensic accounting space, we engage in expert witness and investigation work in equal measure. There is a clear area of common ground between all types of disputes, and investigations work, and we invariably find that most cases require us to make use of both areas of forensic expertise.


To enhance the delivery of these core services in an increasingly global, technological and complex business environment, we provide a number of litigation support tools which help the whole team capture, manage and analyse documents and other information. These include:

Digital forensics

• Data analytics

• E-disclosure platforms

• Asset tracing

• Information and intelligence gathering