Financial Investigations

If there is a potential issue of suspected fraud or financial crime in your business, it is essential that you receive expert advice immediately. A swift response is often essential to the successful outcome any financial investigation. Our specialist team of experts have a wealth of experience in forensic accounting and computing and they are highly skilled in undertaking sensitive financial investigations.

We regularly undertake significant complex investigations on behalf of law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, in addition to banks and other financial institutions, corporates and individuals. We investigate the facts, interview those with relevant information, and provide analysis to get to the heart of each case.

We also help our clients to identify specific risks relevant to their business and to develop best practice in order to protect them against possible risks in preventing and dealing with fraud.

Our investigation services include the following:

Accounting irregularities & misstatements

• Asset tracing and recovery

Background checks and desktop reviews

• Contentious insolvency matters

• Corruption and bribery

• Detection and prevention

• Quantification of loss

• Rapid response fraud

• Regulatory

Case Studies in Financial Investigations

Property Management Company Director Fraud

We successfully acted for a publicly quoted property management company in connection with a complex and devious fraud by a director who stole funds from landlord accounts, service charge accounts and tenant deposit accounts. We were able to analyse and trace sums of money being moved around a huge volume of records and dozens of bank accounts, involving literally thousands of bank statements and transactions. We traced funds through and identified £8.5 million of missing funds and, more importantly, where £6 million had gone to, and where it still was. This case included reporting to the police and assisting the prosecution in preparing the case and the evidence, and giving evidence.

Defended Individual Wrongly Charged of Smuggling

We successfully defended an individual charged with inward goods diversion – in other words, smuggling dutiable goods into the UK without paying duty. The Crown’s case was poorly prepared and relied on misconceived notions of the alleged criminal conduct involved. We performed a detailed analysis of the financial records, goods movements, port and shipping records and vehicle activity from which we were able to demonstrate that the defendant was engaged in the legitimate business of transporting goods both inward and outward between bonded warehouses and that the Crown’s conclusions were unreliable. When it came to trial, the prosecution offered no evidence.

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