Litigation Support

Litigation creates stress – both personal and financial.  If you become a party to litigation, the risk involved can make it a difficult, challenging process.

Our experience can help in providing considered tactical advice and careful financial planning that delivers the right litigation support, tailored to your needs. Not only does this give you greater peace of mind, but it can help to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Honeycomb’s core offerings in forensic accounting and investigations are enhanced by a range of ancillary litigation support services, including digital forensics, e-disclosure platforms, data analytics, asset tracing and intelligence gathering.

In considering litigation, these enable us to assess the strength of the financial aspects of your case, which then allows you to make a fully-informed decision about how to proceed. This includes an evaluation of the risk parameters relating to outcome and costs on the downside and the potential reward on the upside.

Before proceeding with litigation, this is essential because once a claim is issued, you can only withdraw if you are prepared to pay the defendant’s costs. Conversely, if you have to respond to a claim made against you, we can help evaluate the respective merits of your case and the case against you.

In either circumstance, should you proceed, we can help select a legal team to fight your case effectively and we can simplify complex financial issues to assist them. Whether you litigate or negotiate a settlement, our expert analysis will help you decide on how to achieve the best outcome.

Case Studies in Litigation Support

Global Natural Resources Company Data Retrival

Honeycomb was instructed by the receivers over a global natural resources business to attend a number of locations internationally to capture, retrieve and image huge volumes of data held on servers, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The data included documents, spreadsheets, images, texts, WhatsApps and emails. We were then tasked with reviewing and organising the information so that the flow of communications and digital conversations could be mapped and followed. This work enabled the receivers to comply with their statutory duties and to manage an investigation into the circumstances by which the business came to fail. The business was also involved in litigation and our work assisted lawyers deal with evidence and disclosure.

Bribery and Corruption Investigation Data Caption

Honeycomb was instructed to capture all data relevant to a bribery and corruption investigation. This meant retrieving archive material from old servers where the software was no longer supported, and capturing data on the PCs and other devices of past and current employees. The enquiry collected more than 1.5 million emails together with many thousands of other digital records.

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