Technical resources

Technical Resources

While Honeycomb is primarily a provider of forensic accounting services, deploying the time and expertise of specialist trained forensic accountants to clients’ issues, in order to deliver these expert services in an increasingly global, technological and complex business environment; in a world where information can be contained in many different places and on diverse media; where the volume of documentation can be vast; and where value and assets can be well hidden anywhere; Honeycomb also deploys a range of technical resources and a range of litigation support services:


Technical resources include: bought and bespoke analytical tools for getting the most out of information and big data in the shortest possible time; processes and applications, including Artificial Intelligence to make connections and identify anomalies; digital forensic hardware and software for capturing and managing evidence and documents; electronic platforms for the management and review of large bodies of information; staff trained in interviewing, intelligence gathering and asset tracing.


All of these supplement our primary use of brainpower, and allow us to deliver meaningful results to clients efficiently and cost effectively.

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